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Dr. Shanita Brown is a speaker, educator, licensed professional counselor and trainer that believes in fostering transformative and empowering dialogue about intimate partner violence, African American women and girls and mental health wellness.  She is the founder of Dr. Shanita Brown, LLC, a platform created to break the silence and empower change regarding intimate partner violence and mental health through education, empowerment and inspiration.

Dr. Shanita Brown has over 10 years of experience in the clinical mental health field providing individual counseling in private practice, academic and community mental health settings. She is a servant leader and passionate about disseminating her work in a variety of ways to increase awareness and influence the next generation of advocates and leaders.

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Dr. Brown’s extensive service includes work with the N.C. Domestic Violence Commission Taskforce, SafeSpace Agency and currently serves on the Board of Directors for N.C. Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Dr. Brown has traveled throughout the country providing educational workshops and presentations to diverse audiences, including advocates and leaders, mental health professionals, collegiate campuses, faith leaders, families and students. 

Dr. Brown has received various recognition and awards in honor of her service to the community and profession. In 2016, Dr. Brown was named the recipient of the Achievement Award at the Inaugural Black Mental Health Symposium because of her passion and commitment to educate interfaith communities about the prevalence of domestic violence. Additional recognition includes Emerging Leader in Counselor Education and a National Board Certified Counselor Minority Fellow for her dedication to serving underserved communities. 

Fostering transformative and empowering dialogue about violence against women and mental health wellness.

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Inspiring • Engaging • Interactive

Dr. Brown is a sought out speaker with the privilege of speaking at universities, community colleges, churches, conferences, local organizations, panel discussions, podcasts, etc.


As a speaker and trainer, Dr. Brown utilizes a blend of research, theory, clinical training, media and compelling narratives to foster dialogue and positive change. Dr. Brown captivates audiences with fresh perspectives allowing individuals to leave with practical insight. Dr. Brown’s expertise ranges from violence against women and girls, particularly women of color, mental health wellness, and engaging faith communities in IPV prevention.

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Dr. Brown is a powerful natural facilitator, courageous conversations about the faith community and domestic violence is needed in all churches.
— Workshop Participant

Dr. Brown’s work embodies an intersectional approach and asserts that violence against women cannot end without elimination of ALL forms of oppression, such as racism, classism, sexism, ablism. Dr. Brown’s work stems from this foundation and will be incorporated throughout workshops and trainings.

Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Counseling & Counselor Education from North Carolina State University. She is Licensed Professional Counselor, National Board Certified Counselor and Approved Clinical Supervisor. Dr. Brown has authorized scholarly publications and professional presentations related to her expertise. She formerly served as Visiting Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University, and serves as Teaching Assistant Professor for East Carolina University.

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Dr. Brown not only enlightened us on the common stressors that students and parents experience during the college transition, but increased our resolve to be intentional about self-care and preserving our mental health.
— Debra Taiwo, Girls College Summit, 2017-18
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  • LevelUP: Enhancing the Campus’s Response to Domestic & Sexual Violence

  • Just Pray About It: Addressing the Spiritual and Mental Health Needs for Students of Color

  • Workplace Wellness: Creating a Healthy & Culturally Safe Work Environment

  • I’m Drowning and Can’t Get Up: Stress Management Tools for Survival and Thriving

  • Engaging the Faith Community’s Response to DV: Courageous Conversations

Pictures from The Courage Conference 2018




“Dr. Shanita Brown is beyond phenomenal as a counselor, speaker, and author. She constantly engages her mastery of knowledge around sexual assault, and domestic, sexual, and intimate partner violence to ensure it resonates with the audiences she encounters. Her contributions are always spot on and her engagement on our panel for the film "What's Love Got To Do With It?" were invaluable and connected to our audience of students, staff, and faculty members in ways that challenged the dominant narrative regarding how violence manifests.”

— Dr. Angela Gay, Assistant Director of the Women's Center, NC State University

“Dr. Brown has served as my doctoral mentor for over a year now. She is always willing and available to guide and support me in my personal and professional endeavors as a practitioner, counselor, educator, supervisor and researcher. I’m forever grateful for the time, energy and guidance she has given me throughout my doctoral career.”

— Joy Kelly, UNCG Doctoral Student


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